Thomas Jacobi

The Making of an Ink Rubbing | GB 2021, 2:52 min

This online workshop programme was produced to accompany the exhibition ‘The Burrell at Kelvingrove: Collecting Chinese Treasures’, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.

The Storyteller and Wanderer | GB 2020, 4:19 min


In this short film by Ziyue Ma, Thomas Jacobi creates a new work inspired by the traditional Chinese ink rubbing technique and presents ‘Floorscape in Ink and Encrusted Stains’ in the exhibition ‘The Artist’s Studio’ at the Glasgow Art Club.


The Artist's Studio | GB 2019, 2:56 min

Impressions of making ink rubbings from the studio floor of the late artist Tom Hutcheson, who was a member of the Glasgow Art Club. Film, photos and poem by Yupin Chung.



Rosary Gallery, Fuzhou

A collaboration based on the 2005 performance in China 

by Thomas Jacobi.

Photos by Wang Hong, Ji Wang and Tang Mingxiu. 

Poem by David Greygoose. Translation by Yupin Chung. 

Music by Lin Fa. Voices: Eleanor Rees, etc. 

Digital restauration: Eick Hoemann, Frankfurt/M GER, 2017

© a.r.r. Thomas Jacobi, Glasgow, Scotland.