Thomas Jacobi


exhibitions (e)   performances (p)   films (f)

-solo and joint, selected-


‘Art of the Possible’ (e)

Glasgow Art Club in collaboration with 

Glasgow School of Art

Wallace Seymour Award 

for the painting ‘The Upright Posture’

‘Art Inspired by Art’ (e)

Glasgow Art Club


‘Wandering AT CLOUD’ (e)

Ink rubbings from a private collection, Yuntang, Beijing 


‘The Artist’s Studio’ (e)

Curated by Dr Yupin Chung, Glasgow Art Club


'Michael Craik, Thomas Jacobi, Charles Poulsen' (e) Hughson Gallery Glasgow


'spuren>' (e) 

with Eick Hoemann, AAC Gallery Frankfurt

'RGI 154th Open Annual Exhibition' (e) 

Mitchell Library Glasgow


'Generations' (e) 

with John Creed, 

Museums of St. Andrews, Paisley, Dumfries and Wick, Scotland 2014 – 2015

'Made in China: An imperial Ming vase' (f) 

with Enzo di Cosmo, The Burrell Collection Glasgow and British Museum, London


'Kisses for…' (p) 

German Cultural Week, 

Shanghai Jiao Tong-University Shanghai

'7000 Imprints' (e) 

with Prof. Gao Yingjin, Tianjin. Ink rubbings from Kassel and the Kellerwald, Bad Wildungen 


'Venus+Demarco+Beuys' (e) 

Demarco Archive Trust, Craigcrook Castle Edinburgh

'Und es erschienen Ihnen Zungen zerteilt, wie von Feuer…' 

Art installation for a concert with music by Karlheinz Stockhausen and Reinhard Fuchs, Liverpool

 'Motes of Living Light' (f) 

with Eddie McGuire (flute), commission for the exhibition 'China through the Lens of John Thomson 1868-1872', The Burrell Collection Glasgow


'Cleansing the House with Ink' (p) 

based on the version of 2005 with D. Greygoose, E. Rees, Y. Chung (voices) and Lin Fa (guqin), Glasgow          

'Sanctuary' (e)

St George's Church, London


'the shadow of the hand writes before the thought'

 'Cleansing the House with Ink'

with D. Greygoose, performance and book presentation, FACT, Liverpool

'From a Distance – At Close Range II', and 'Kisses' (e/p)

Ricefield Gallery, Glasgow


'From a Distance – At Close Range'

'Kisses for Shanghai' (e/p) 

Liverpool Biennial, View Two Gallery, Liverpool 

'Kisses for Shanghai' (p)

View Two Gallery, Liverpool

'Local Heroes' (e) 

View Two Gallery, Liverpool


'Watching the Sea and Waiting for a Painting to Come' (p)


'Eines fernen Tages wird das Wasser der Quellen von Bad Ems die Bucht von Xiamen erreichen' (e)

Art & Environment Symposium and Exhibition,

Xiamen Fine Arts Museum, Xiamen

'German Garden' Scroll (e) 

Centenary Exhibition Tongji University, Shanghai


'Welcome To China!' (e)

ink and pigment works on paper

'Cleansing the House with Ink' (p) 

Rosary Gallery, Fuzhou

'Hidden Treasures at Public Places' (e)

LCB Depot, Leicester


'Textures' (e) 

Paintings and Prints 2001-2004,

The City Gallery, Leicester


'Neue Bilder' (e) 

in cooperation with the composers W. Wagner and T. Nemeth, Wiener Festwochen, Vienna


'The Sublime – Attempts of Location Finding' (e)

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei


'Paintings in Broken Taiwanese I' (e)

Goethe - Institute, Taipei

'Paintings in Broken Taiwanese II' (e)

Pacific Cultural Foundation, Taipei


Masters Degree exhibition, MAK Vienna


Master class exhibition, 

Postsparkasse am Georg-Coch-Platz, Vienna